Rachel Thomas


Born and raised in France, Rachel Thomas is a graduate of the University of Lyon. She moved to England where she obtained a Diploma of Education, became Head of French in a secondary school and taught for 32 years before returning to her love of painting animals. Her medium of choice is oil.

 Self-taught, she has attended numerous workshops, was a member of two local art clubs and is mentored by her friend Doreen Greenshields, a successful local artist.

She attends local exhibitions and her art is in homes in England and Europe.

She enjoys the challenge of painting dog and horse commissions. “I can find my subject matter on my doorstep in Yorkshire and I love seeking the expression of an eye and the light reflecting on the coat of the animals I paint. My all-time favourites will always be equines but all animals are worthy of attention.”

She finds the world of art fascinating and has a particular admiration for artists such as Harley Brown, Z. S. Liang and Cowboy Artists of America such as Jason Rich, Tom Browning.